Sculptures and Vases

This section features in stock accents that is a taste of LA Furniture Store's in-house interior decorators who scour the world for elegant, beautiful accents that add style to anyone's home.

Most designers are using sculptures and vases to fulfill their styles. It’s hard to argue with their opinions, about it’s almost impossible to reach perfect home design, without using accessories such as floor vases or modern sculptures.

The trend of the last years is large colorful sculptures that can decorate any house or apartment. If you ever have seen such beautiful elements in any place than you would understand why this trend is growing every month. If you can not afford the large ones or your place is too small Modern Miami furniture store has huge selection of middle size and small size. You can place small modern sculptures almost anywhere: dining table, TV stand, dressers, office desk, bookshelves, etc. My living room is decorated by my personal favorite modern gold napping lady sculpture. It has absolutely the most unique design and elegant style. Gold napping lady transforms my living room in a new fresh place, where i started spending more time than before. I’m also considering buying the modrest apple modern Multi-Color apple for my bedroom. It seems like a good decision. I think it will bring more life into my grey color bedroom. For people who have white living rooms I recommend to get a full size black horse sculpture, it would contrast and it looks incredible.

Modern Miami furniture store has in stock vases, floor vases and vase sets. All these items have unique modern designs that can improve any room or outdoor space. Vases could be a great gift for your colleagues at work, business partners, relatives etc. If you don’t like modern vases you can consider some alternative options, such as: candle holders or ceramic bowls that are presented on our website Sure we also have candle holder set and ceramic bowls sets, every set includes three items in different sizes, so you can place a small one on a coffee table, middle size item on a TV stand or dining table, and a large piece on the floor in the corner. All three items have same colors whether it’s gold or white or silver. It would create a nice view of your room.

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