We offer a huge selection of Rugs from top Italian designer Renato Balestra.  Featuring pegamoid patterns fused with high quality microfiber materials. Our rugs come in the standard sizes of 5.5 feet by 7.5 feet. Accentuate the décor in your room with the bold and beautiful palate of colored rugs offered by Renato Balestra.

Modern Miami furniture store offers a huge selection of accessories. Rugs were a popular accessory all the time. Rugs were used by kings and emperors in ancient times. Nowadays rugs have different sizes, materials, colors that are capable of being combined with any furniture, floor, walls etc. You can use modern rugs or traditional rugs to decorate all rooms such as, living room, dining room, bedroom room, family room etc.

In order to decorate a living room, people usually use a rug in front of couch. It is especially comfy for those who do not use shoes inside the house. A soft quality rug gives you a pleasant feeling. I recommend to pay attention to the LINIE DESIGN LARIMA DARK BLUE RUG for people who prefer modern rugs. The rug has a beautiful color and very high quality. This product is handmade and consist of 60% wool and 40% viscose fabric. If you prefer a more traditional style you can consider the LINIE DESIGN ADELYN BLACK WOOL RUG. This is traditional rug that is handwoven. This rug is available in two different sizes small and large.

Usually people use modern rugs or traditional rugs in a dining room under the table and chairs in a dining room. The right rug can completely transform your dining room. Our sales staff would be happy to help you to pick up the right color, material and style for all your needs. You should just arrive to our store that is located 2050 SW 30th Ave Hallandale Beach, Fl 33009 or visit our customized website

We also have a huge amount of traditional rugs and modern rugs for all purposes. For example small rugs that you can put under different furniture items to decorate it such as a coffee table, TV stand, chairs, ottomans, end tables etc. Also you can put some kind of small rugs in front of a fireplace or a buffet. Middle sized rugs you can use in front of a bed or put it at the side of the bed. It will look great under a big sculpture or a vase set. With Big size rugs you can put it in the middle of any room if you do not like your hardwood floor.

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