Versus Chic

Ultra Modern Chic Furniture

Versus ultra chic modern furniture is made of materials that are from areas of strict quality control, managed by an Italian Furniture Manufacturer, but assembled outside the country of Italy to avoid luxury export fees imposed by the government. This way, the furniture is kept at a low price, approximately 50% off the actual retail price in trendy Beverly Hills furniture boutiques.

Versus Materials Origin

  • Board Material and Glass from Germany
  • Hardware Fittings such as steel from Japan
  • Fabrics, Leather, & Lacquer coats from Italy
  • Rosewood Veneer (All wooden products) from Congo

Apart from the supremely low price tag, the furniture is classified as chic modern, which in other words means, a type of furniture that is both fashionable, and luxurious.

Most products in this category are in stock. Versus furniture is also customizeable to suit your needs. Modular sofa pieces, different fabrics and qualities of leather, different lacquer finishes, and other details, custom specified by you. Delivery takes anywhere from 8-10 weeks for these type of special orders. The furniture below takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for delivery. Please call to know exactly how long at (866) 397-0933

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